The Crusaders of widowdeep

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Boddy's Journal, part 1

Page 1:
Just got my Jornal today
This should be fun to log my adventures while I travel the world. I guess adventuring is fine for now maybe ill find a rich person or benefacktor to fund my creations and retire far from trouble.
Maybe I can make something really unique and speshial.

Page 2:
Bandits suk.
Well, I made it to town, I forget the name its called widowdeep. Im broke but i might find someone to be a benefacktor real fast.

I met a nice lady bard who was kind enough to help me out. I think her name was Merl Merla.

met a group of people who got a task from a red cloaked guy, maybe i can impress him and make him a benefacktor.

page 3:
wow this has been crazy, journal. we went in to the dungeon expecting kobolds and now were fighting undead and maybe tiamat the dragonne goddess!!![3 exclemation marks means its serious!!!]
enclosed is a map of our passage so far

Picture room
Page 4:

Pathways 1
Spooky faces
and runesand blood

Walls and stairs

page 5:

evil shadow thing Doromere [The necromancer that I talk about later] decided to send a dead dragonne at us, but it was dead so we kept it dead
we got treasure too, i had to play the thief because we dont have one
also we found useful books like this one that talks about alchemy. i should learn some secondary skills like that, so i will.

page 6:


Gender change chest
why would anyone make this???

we think we found Bellfores scroll/ritual but we want to find more stuff.

page 7:

the ghoul cursed people asked if Bellfore is alive [hes over 500 years old!!!!{really serious if 4 !s] and might be 1000s of years even and might be human] they also got glowing hands.

YAY! we got out
i almost lost my feet but the magic orb we used saved them. the hands were scary.

page 8:
so there is 15 [evil] daggers bellfore needs to find.
Hes also the headmaster of the school and is letting us go to the library there! i can find some stuff in alchemy and making magic items yay!
I need to look for that while were there.

page 9:
it would walk on two legs and have two arms to fight with and id ride it like a two legged horse and fight with claws

page 10:

[Day 3]

rested up, but trouble, the dukes are evil we might be able to discredit though.
ooo we found some barbarians [did i mention we were heading to the woods to send a message to some elf city?] who were rats but also humans but barbarians mostly cause some necromanser apparently were talking to them so now were trying to find out where the necromanCer is [Iodantes corrected me on the spelling]

page 11:
[Day 4]

The traps got spiders instead of humans who were barbarians who were rats but mostly barbarians.
our cleric has a rescepe book to cook them [but not if they can say there own name].

i think the woods are haunted, i know my socks are. demons in the socks are bad.

owww, my head hurts, the bard playd real bad all night to scare stuff away. i think i had a bad dream too.

page 12:

[day 5]
Trap: 2 Kobolds [of 800]
Details: they are displaced by a purple cloaked necromancer, and they lived in the tunnels where we fought all the undead.
oh and the necromancer is friends to drow


page 13:
[day 6]
trap: 2 clerics of Malora [ooppse]
details: whoops, theyre good people and alliaes. the necromancers name is doromere

oh and this abandoned tower cave near the tower is where were going real fast to try to stop or hinder the necromancer

page 14:


Zombie trap

  • =necromatic stuff to attract zombies to the center
    stirge parts work too but i think cause theyre undead parts

oh godds, it worked too well.

page 15:

[day 7]

so, well not do that again. maybe 3 count of undead. you know, like 300 count.

ok so maybe about 100 or so

page 16:

so the kobolds came back to trade and are called the Red Talon Clan and never lived above ground before the necromancer showed up.

we need smithing supplies!

red rocks and blue bows, the kobolds have magic items!
oh and i can sort of talk to them and they might want to trade skills for skills. and food.

page 17:

um the denizons of hell just opened up and flew by near us.

Iodantes has an idea of sucking necrotic energy. alchemical necrotic vials? much research.

Ok, either we remove the box, or I get a bra.

oh and the red talons are led by some crimson talon.

found some poison that imitates some spiders that makes huge boils, and one that uses venom for a booze? wow.


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