Alek Level 2 Male Human Ranger Experience: 20000
Ac: 18 Init: 10 Passive Insight: 13
Hp: 22 Speed: 5 Passive Perception: 18

Str: 14 Dex: 20 Wis:15
Con: 5 Int: 5 Cha: 16

Primary weapon: +1 longbow (1d10) +7


Hi, me named Alek. Mother died when Alek small and Father left Alek in woods. Alek get good at nature. Years later, cloth brothers find Alek and take him to city. Pretty lights. Alek like soft-Aleks, they warm at night.

Brothers want me travel with them and hurt those who want hurt them. They feed Alek while he do. One time, ones who want hurt brothers too strong for Alek. He run from hurtie flames.

Now Alek travel with other Aleks and a soft-Alek and hurt those wanting to hurt Alek.


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